JeffCo Hurricanes in Evergreen Newsletter December 16 2017

CAT 1-3 XMAS PARTY MON 12/18 at The Wild Game Restaurant. 5:30-7PM

Cost will be $5 billed to swimmers account who attend for dinner.  Swimmer's please bring inexpensive gift ($5) for gift exchange.  Dinner at 5:30pm gift exchange at 6:00pm.

Category's 4 & 5 will swim Monday Dec 18th from 4:00-6:00pm  (No Dry-Land)

Practice Animal Award Winners:  CAT 1: Finn A., Zander D., Ben H., Elise M.,      Sophia S.. Jaydon S., Quinn V., Sophie W.,      John Z. 

CAT 2: Duncan S.

CAT 3: Kileigh A., Lisca D., Jaiden G.,          Maryn M., Lauren P., Maya P., Bell S.,           Elliot S., Ryan S., Nikolai S., Ivory Y. 

CAT 4: Taylor J., Caitlin S., Erin S., Via Z.  

CAT 5:JC A., Hope A., Scout E., Remi G.,  Sophia G., Maggie M., Emily S., Bhodi Y.   

The movie will be Star Wars; The Last Jedi on Saturday Dec 30th at Colorado Mills.  All swimmers are invited to the movie and the winners will get their ticket bought for them by the team.  More details to come. 

The next Practice Animal starts Jan 2 - March 23.

All Team Practices-Meyers Pool 12/23 & 1/6

Category 1         8:00-9:00am

Category 2         8:00-9:30am

Category 3         8:00-10:00am

Category 4 & 5    8:00-10:00am

The Evergreen Tour will start for Category 4 & 5 on Thursday Dec 28th

RESULTS of the 12 DAYS of Christmas Contest for CAT 2&3 WILL BE OUT SOON


Carmen will be running 2+ hours of lessons depending on demand at Swimlabs on the Saturdays listed below.

 $40 Swimlabs lessons for Jeffco Swimmers, normally $50-80.
Saturday, January 6, 11:30-1:30pm (up to 3:00-3:30pm if interest is there)
Saturday Ferbuary 3, 10:30-12:30pm (up to 3:00-3:30pm in interest is there)
Call the Littleton SwimLabs to set up your half hour lesson.

As a parent or patron of EST, do you have a professional skill or service that can benefit our swimmers? Massage Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Uber License, Skills Clinic, Travel Services, etc. The board would like to compile a list of professional resources available to our swimmers from parents and patrons who understand our community and our swimmers specific needs. Please submit your name, profession/service, contact information and very short description to Michelle Yohn to be included in a list for publication in future newsletters.

Reminder parents if you have questions about your swimmers, please contact their coach:       Cat 1  Jeff Cook

Cat 2 & 3 Damon Garrison 

Cat 4 & 5 Jeff Armstrong

CONGRATS to Jeffco for Winning the Southern Sr. Championship in Woodlands, TX!


CONGRATS to Jeffco for placing 3rd at the 2017 Las Vegas Super Finals



EHS 12th Grade

Number of years on the team: 10ish

Best stroke & best event: 50& 100 Free, 100 & 200 Fly 

How did you get started swimming competitively? I joined the Hiwan Waves when Jeff was the coach there. Then that fall I joined the Hurricanes.  Why I remained....I was oddly in love with the sport.  I had too much fun in Cat1!

Greatest swimming achievement: Coming back after junior year's misadventures and making state in long course in the 50 free.  Best age group memory: Any of the amazing travel trips. If I had to say my favorite, it would be the Florida trip of the summer of 2013. That was the first time I had swam out of state.  What I learned as an age grouper and advice to pass on: With each setback, come back stronger.  You are the only person who can push you hard enough to succeed.  If any one ever tells you to quit, ignore them.  Because if you quit then you have proven to them what they think of you. No one can tell you that you don't belong. YOU DO!           


Best part of being a senior swimmer: Witnessing your last year on the team and knowing this is your last chance to achieve your goals before college.  Also, I really have enjoyed hearing from college coaches and seeing different schools.

Best memory being a senior swimmer: I think it would be the time when we were at a meet for high school, actually it was leagues last year. I had only one race, the 50 free, my goal was to make it back for finals.  Sadly, another girl and I tied for 8th place and we had to do a swim off.  Even though I lost, every EHS girl cheered me on

Future goals /seasonal or longer:
Not get hit by a car. But I would like to swim for the NCAA for the next 4 years, as well as go into nursing and get a minor in Art or Art History.
What do you do besides swim? Crochet hats, draw, paint, ski (both water & downhill), lifeguard and read.