JeffCo Hurricanes in Evergreen Newsletter NOV/DEC 20115


Congratulations  to the following swimmers for achieving over 80% attendance between October 1st and November 30th. The team will pay for these kids' movie tickets at the TEAM MOVIE DAY of 12/26 to Star Wars at Colorado Mills Mall

Kileigh A. - 88% 
Kara C. 83%  
Scout E. 89%         
Faith H. 98%        
Maggie H. 80%        
Taylor J. 91%
Maggie M. 98%
Kate M. 95%        
Maryn M. 80%        
Behrnt S. 91%     
Lauren V. 86%
Bhodi Y. 91%
Ivory Y. 90%        
Jurnee Y. 82% 

EVERYONE is invited to attend the movie, those not on the list just need to buy their own ticket. (approximate time is noon - details to follow on blog as we get closer & movie times become public): 

AND Don't worry if you didn't make the list this time.  The next PRACTICE ANIMAL AWARD  FOR ATTENDANCE OVER 80% will be from 1/4-3/31/2016


Dec 18th Cat 1 at Beau Jo's at 5:30pm
Dec 21st Cat 2 & 3 at Beau Jo's at 6:15pm
Dec 21st Cat 4 & 5 at Wild Game at 2:30pm

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Congratulations to all who attended the VEGAS MEET!!
Jeffco came in 3rd.

We had some great swims.  Many people dropped a lot of time and had personal bests.

Those from Jeffco (Evergreen) who made it back to finals in individual events and scored points for the team: CC Crane, Remi Gucker, Sophia Gurrieri,  Maggie Hellard, Kaitlyn Honnick, Taylor Jacobson, Maggie McDonald, Erin Sweeney, Jessie Urban, Lauren Villiams and Bhodi Yohn. 

Congrats to Remi Gucker for getting her Sectionals cut in the 200IM.

Christmas Break Practice Schedule will be on Monday's schedule as follows:

Mon, Tues & Wed (21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th and 30th)

Category 1   4:00 - 4:45pm
Category 2/3   4:00 - 5:30pm
Category 4/5  5:30 -7:30pm There's no practice 12/25 or 1/1

CAT 4/5 ALSO has 6:30AM practice on 12/22, 12/24, 12/29 & 12/31 as well as normal Sat practice am.


The coaches and board wish all of you a very joyful holiday season.