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Meyers Pool Nov 6-8th

Warm up times for Jeffco Meet at Meyers this weekend;
Fri everyone be there by 3:40pm
12&U Sat and Sun be there at 6:45am
13&O Sat and Sun be there at noon

Wear team shirts: Fri is black, Sat grey, Sun white.

OFFICIALS Stroke & Turn training clinic offered at 8AM at Meyers for anyone interested in becoming an official. We really need parents, particularly of 12&U kids to step up and take on these kind of roles.  No swimming experience necessary, just a desire to help keep the team running for your kids. For more info contact Kathy Lahr.

TEAM PICTURE DAY is Monday, November 9th at 4PM.  Everyone is expected to attend.  Wear you black team shirt.  Please bring your completed order form and a check made payable to Imagetek with you. You may be interested in these discount package coupons, as well.  


Beginning Tuesday, November 17th CAT 4/5 Practice schedule will change from 6:15-8:15 to 6PM-7:45PM.  This schedule will be in effect until the Girl's High School Season is complete.


Mon - Wed is normal practice times

No practice Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving

Friday CAT 4 & 5 will practice from 4-6PM (no practice for CAT 1-3)


Category 1            8:00-9:00am
Category 2            8:00-9:30am
Category 3, 4, 5    8:00-10:00am


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This past weekend I attended a Club Presidents’ Summit at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. About 40 Club Presidents from all over the country attended and were selected based on the high performance of their team’s swimming success this past season (thank you Coach Jeff and all our talented swimmers!!) The subject matter was based around Club Leadership and Business Management and included a multitude of presentations and round table discussions with the other club presidents. While two days of talking swim team management with other volunteer board members like myself sounds a little painful, it really was more enlightening and educational than I could have imagined. Topics included; Marketing, Club Management versus Governance, Team Performance Standards, Team Insurance, Team Finances, Board Responsibilities, Head Coach Responsibilities, as well as Pools and Facilities just to name a few. While I received LOTS of information to share with my fellow board members, which I will do in a more in depth report at the next board meeting, I did want to share a few of my biggest takeaways from this event.

First, while we are not perfect, we do have a very well-functioning relationship between our Team Community, Board of Directors, and Head Coach. This includes a quality coaching staff, good communication among coaches, a clear hierarchy of team management, good volunteer support, a safety conscious staff, a good budget process, appropriate By- Laws, and many other supporting documents in place to have a well-run team.

Second, our Board of Directors has been set up to manage the team in a Governance Style of management versus an Operational style of management. What that means is that our Board “Governs” the process of managing the team versus spending our time dealing with “Operational” issues such as debating how many burritos we need or what volunteers should be doing. These team operational issues are entirely managed by Coach Jeff, our coaches and by our Team Management Volunteers such as Website/Newsletters (Thanks Shelley Gucker); Computer Operations (Thanks Mike Honnick), Volunteer Coordination (Thanks Kathy Hellard and Cathy Crane) to name a few. The Board is therefore able to focus on the Financial and Legal well-being of the team, supporting our Head Coach and staff needs, planning for the future of the team, you get the picture. Again this style of management reflects a very well run Team, but it takes a Head Coach, truly the CEO of the team, who is willing and able to handle and delegate all of these management duties. We are certainly lucky to have Head Coach Jeff Armstrong who handles team operations like a pro and is also a great coach to the kids in and out of the water. MANY other teams attending the Club Presidents’ Summit meetings were not in the position we are with our team operations running so well.

Next, we are financially sound and financially well managed. We set and manage to a budget. We forecast and plan for future events that could disrupt the team; we save for expenditures we know will come eventually, we have approval processes for managing ancillary expenses, and we manage our non-profit corporation effectively under the laws of the state of Colorado. Again there are many teams out there that struggle with their financial management and are on the brink of going under, while Evergreen is in a very solid financial position. 
Finally we have a serious and successful Head Coach in Jeff Armstrong. Coach Jeff takes full responsibility for team Operations which includes; Child Safety and Welfare, Coaching swimming technique for novice to elite swimmers, provides appropriate life lessons (Honest Effort Everyone!), manages and communicates effectively with coaches, manages meets and other team functions, develops sense of team and culture, communicates with the Board and most importantly makes swimming FUN! Thank you Coach Jeff for all you do!
So I hope this short summary of some of the inner workings of the team helps enlighten our Team Community to some of the behind the scenes activities that make the team run and why our team is great! It takes our entire Team Community, a great Head Coach and staff of coaches, and Volunteers of all sorts from officials, to timers, set- up and tear-down team members, safety people, timing system operators, newsletter writers, burrito makers, hospitality team members, and so on. You are all needed and certainly appreciated.


Jeff Gucker, Evergreen Board President