Evergreen Hurricanes Newsletter September 2015


Mark you calendars for TEAM PICTURE DAY: Monday November 9th. Everyone should be there. More info will follow.

The Meet Schedule is up on the website.  For those somewhat new to the team, we charge fees on the assumption that your child is going to participate in every meet they have qualified for. If your child's category is listed as attending a meet, it is your responsibility to notify Coach Jeff, by the indicated deadline for notification, if your child is not attending. You will be charged entry fees if you do not notify Coach Jeff via email by the deadline. You can find these dates on both the meet page & the team calendar page of the website. The meet schedule has links to directions to each pool. Click on the name of the pool.

Download On Deck Parent from the Google Play Store or ITunes in order to follow your child's swimming.  You can see meets, attendance and much other cool info.

For those new to the team you should know that qualifying times for various different levels of accomplishment are posted on the team's website TIME STANDARDS page. You can also find the National Age Group Motivational Times on the USA Swimming Website to help your swimmer know where they stand throughout the country and what to aim towards.  USA Swimming has a really  cool system called DECK PASS which monitors it all for you.


If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for RAINEDOUT.COM so that you can get last minute info sent right to your phone directly from Coach Jeff. Weather alerts, time changes, deadline reminders, etc. Here are the directions on how to sign up


Jessica Urban Conifer - 12th Grade

Number of years on the team: 10

Best stroke & best event: Backstroke, 200IM
How did you get started swimming competitively? I first started swimming competitively after my parents put me in swim lessons. I grew to love the sport and wanted to be part of a team.
Greatest swimming achievement: Continuing to improve overall as a swimmer (times and strokes) as the seasons progress and being a part of qualifying meets to help my team.
Best age group memory: Going on the Florida trips where I can both have fun and improve as a swimmer.
What I learned as an age grouper and advice to pass on: Always try my best even if it is my worst/least favorite event or workout in practice because if you try hard at practice you have a better chance of improving.
Best part of being a senior swimmer:  Next year I can go new places and try new things in swimming (Expand my horizons)
Best memory being a senior swimmer: Being part of such a good team for one more year and seeing all my close friends more before I go off to college.
Future goals /seasonal or longer: I hope to improve greatly so I can be a part of a high ranked swim team in college.
What do you do besides swim? I spend time with friends and family and go to other sport events and be part of my high school.

Pictures taken at the Hurricane Open Meet are on the Photo Gallery page of the website.  If you have any good shots from that meet, please email the editor so they can be uploaded to the team site.  And if you are able to do the job of photographer at your child's sessions, please email the volunteer coordinators.  Take a look at years worth of memories that have been captured and ask yourself if you want to see that continue during your child's years on the team. Thank you Caryn Pearson for your many years of service.  We will miss you.

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