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The end of the year is fast approaching and that gives me an opportunity to reflect on my term as president. This is also a great time for me to thank each and every person that makes this team what it is. Thank you all for getting your children to the pool early and often. Thank you for setting up the equipment before and after meets. Thank you for timing, working the hospitality area, bringing food, and working the computers.
What a great season The Hurricanes had in 2013-2014! The Hurricanes have signed Coach Jeff until 2016. We are a Silver Medal ranked team. We are ranked 35 out of 2,800 teams! That is quite an accomplishment, and it is from the dedication and hard work of the athletes, coaches, and parents.
The Hurricanes have not raised any fees or dues for a few years. Our insurance costs, administration costs, pool time and pool fees have increased, along with all operating costs. The team has invested thousands of dollars in equipment to be used inside and out of the pool, which without a doubt has helped us get the results we have.
As a Board of Directors we have decided to raise annual pool fees and monthly dues slightly. Annual pool fees for category 1-4 will increase $25 and category 5 will increase $50. Monthly dues for category 1 will increase $5 per month and categories 2-5 will increase $10 per month. The high school discount will be discontinued.

These changes have allowed the Team to have a balanced budget for the upcoming year and will allow us to operate at the level we have all become accustomed to. Thank you all for your continued support and interest in Evergreen Hurricanes.
We will host a General Membership meeting at the next Board of Directors meeting. This meeting will be held at The Wulf Recreation center at 4:45 pm on Monday, July 21st. We encourage all parents to get involved in any way possible, but would especially like to see as many people as possible for that meeting.

DAN GAUVAIN, Board President

Evergreen Hurricanes

If you aren't already using RAINED  OUT  you should be!. Everyone should be signed up for this service. It is how the team communicates last minute information. We have already had a practice cancelled last minute due to fire evacuations. Sometimes we relay warmup times and sometimes it is serious. Here are the directions on how to sign up


Coaches Award Meg Lahr & Isaac Hellard

Swimmer of the Year CC Crane & Nino Delany

Most Improved Sophia Gurrieri & Ryan Sontag


Hopefully when you joined the team it was made clear to you that  parent volunteering is required for team membership.  The team cannot function without your help.  Volunteer coordinators will send out sign up sheets when there is a big list to fill (usually at home meets)

There are going to be four Jeffco meets in the upcoming short course season.  February and May meets will be in Evergreen at Wulf. These are imperative for you to take on strong volunteer roles, since these meets are team fund-raisers, while the September and March meets will be held at Meyers Pool. Please keep that in mind while volunteering.

Speaking of Volunteering, please take time to thank the exiting Board Members who will be done with their term at the end of Long Course season: Dan Gauvain, Monique Urban and Shannon Delaney.

Remaining on the Board: Sean O'Hearn - President, Ann Kenchel-Tres., Christin Jacobson-Member at Large.

New people volunteering for the Board beginning in September:

Jeff Gucker for Vice President.
Valli Crockett - At Large.
Laura Sweeney - Secretary

There will be a voting ballet sent to you within the next couple of weeks. You must vote for or against the new people listed above.  We ask that all families vote at least a week before the general meeting on 7/21/14.

WARM UPS FOR THE FALFINS MEET 6/27-6/29 WILL BE AT 7AM both days at the Air Force Academy Pool.  There are frequently delays due to security there.  Please allot more than enough time to get there. In the past, we were required to enter through the North Gate. If that changes we will notify you.

Get directions to USAFA Cadet Natatorium



If you are a Southwest Airlines employee please let us know. The Team is set up for the flights for hours program. That means when you volunteer, the team earns credit for your time that we can use for free flights, allowing The Team to keep more money for traveling.

If you wish to be removed from this email distribution list, please email the editor. Be sure to send the request from the email address you wish removed or include the addresses for removal in the body of the email.  Without the proper info your request will not be able to be completed.