Evergreen Hurricanes Newsletter   February 2014

Thanks to all who participated in making The Super Bowl Meet a huge success:  parent volunteers, seniors who timed and to all the kids who swam!  High Point winners of the Super Bowl Meet from the Evergreen Jeffco Team were as follows:

8 & U: Molly Mortier - 3rd place  (66 points) / Ryan Sontag 2nd (86 points)

9-10s: Behrnt Shultz - 1st (128 points)

11-12s: Remi Gucker - 1st (125 points) / Braden Lewis 2nd (102 points); Max Purrington -3rd (88 points)

13 & Os: Tyler McMonigle -1st (102 points); Anastasia Vincent - 2nd (99 points) / Isaac Hellard-1st (111 points); Zack Carder - 2nd (92 points); Nino Delany 3rd (86 points)

THE HURRICANES SEASON FINALE  is 3/16    We have another meet for the whole team to participate in on March 16th. Please plan on attending. Though the name of the meet indicates finale it is not the last meet of the school year.  It is the last home meet of short course season.

SAVE THE DATE FOR The Hurricane Suburban Meet and AWARDS PARTY  on 5/4/14. The party is a very fun event for all. Usually held outside of the rec center -  Details to follow.

CHAMPIONSHIP Meets fill the next few weeks. [Warm up times will be posted on the blog - check it daily for info.]  Don't forget to wish your teammates luck.  Or better yet, go cheer them on!!:

Silver State at DU 2/28-3/2/14.  QUALIFIERS: Spencer Burns, Jordon Cagle, Sam Cence, CC Crane, Faith Hellard, Kate DeBloois, Nick Delany, Nino Delany, Josh Gauvain, Taylor Jacobson, Emma Klein, Braden Lewis,  Piper Mayo, Tyler McMonigle, Bryce Pearson, Emma Rich, Behrnt Schultz, Cole Siegler, Cayla Stiller, Erin Sweeney, Isabella  Wanken, Anna Whitaker

Senior State at DU also 2/28-3/2. QUALIFIERS: Zack Carder, Cara Coughlin, Noah Cristensen, Alissa Harms, Isaac Hellard, Maggie Hellard, Kaitlyn Honnick, Katelyn Kenchel, Meghan Lahr, Anna McDonald, Kate McDonald, Lindsay Morrow, Coop O'Hearn, Josie Pearson, Bailey Smith, Jesse Urban.

CSI 14 & Under STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS at VMAC  in Broomfield 3/7-3/9. QUALIFIERS: CC Crane, Nino Delany, Remi Gucker, Faith Hellard, Emma Klein, Maggie McDonald

SPEEDOS SECTIONALS 3/12-3/16/14 in Federal Way, Washington. QUALIFIERS: Kara Coughlin, Isaac Hellard, Kam Holland, Katelyn Kenchel, Meg Lahr, Anna McDonald, Kate McDonald
Lindsay Morrow, Josie Pearson, Bailey Smith

Spring break - NO PRACTICE 3/22-3/31/14 Tuesday, 4/1 regular practices resume.

DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE TEAM PHOTO GALLERY PAGE ON THE WEBSITE! There are links to Caryn Pearson's Shutterfly page filled with great pics of your kids.