Evergreen Hurricanes Newsletter  August 2013


To the team for  finishing FIRST at Senior Zone Meet       












Evergreen team Sr. Zone Swimmers:

Medals: Lindsay Morrow

Others: Kara Coughlin, Kam Holland, Isaac Hellard, Maggie Hellard, Katelyn Kenchel, Meghan Lahr, Anna McDonald, Kate McDonald, Josie Pearson, Bailey Smith


To the Evergreen 14 & Under team members for finishing Sixth at CSI State  

State Medals: CC Crane, Maggie McDonald. Ribbons: Remi Gucker, Nick Delany, Bryce Pearson.    More State Swimmers: Sheila Crane, Nino Delany, Faith Hellard, Coop O'Hearn, Christian Markey, Behrnt Schultz


To CC Crane for making the CO 14 & Under Zone team

To CC Crane for breaking the 11/12 girls' 50 Free, 100 Free & the 50 Breast records

To Katelyn Kenchel for breaking the 13/14 girls' 100 Free, 200 Free & 400IM records

To Kate McDonald for breaking the 13/14 girls' 200 Breast record

To Lexie Malazdrewicz for breaking the senior girls 200 Free record

To Lindsay Morrow for breaking the senior girls 100 Breast & 200 Breast records

To Josie Pearson for breaking the senior girls 200 Fly record



  • Returning swimmers need to register for Sept. thru May season beginning August 25th and by Sept. 6th via the online registration system on the website.
    Be sure to check the list to see what category your child will be in for the fall. Be prepared to order a silver T-shirt to make 3 team shirts owned for each kid.
  • Sept. 9th Practice starts
  • Sept 9th -13th new team members tryout free this week and may register after Coach gives them the okay to do so with a code. These new members will order 3 T-shirts (Black Silver & White)
  • TEAM BBQ Sept 13th Friday during practice Parents may arrive around 4:30 to help and kids will filter in between 4:45-5:20 based on their swim category.
  • First meet is Sept 29th at Wulf

 Volunteers Needed:

  1. We need someone comfortable with computers to load the HyTek software on their computer & enter our team kids for regsitration this fall.  It's not a lot of work.  Please see Coach Jeff as soon as possible if this is something you can take on.
  2. Team photographer Caryn Pearson has been doing this job for many, many years. Her kids swim in Category 4 & 5.  Although she is still kind enough to continue to manage the shutterfly site which we link our photo gallery from and is still willing to take pictures when she is at the older kids meets,  we can't expect her to go to the 12 & Under meets just to take photos of your kids.  We really need an additional volunteer with young kids to take on the job of team photographer. Please contact the team volunteer coordinators if this is a job you would like to do.  This would exempt  you from other volunteer positions if you wish.  It is a lot of fun and very much appreciated by all the families who get to enjoy their kids photos!

Practice Schedules for Fall: 

(please note the many changes for Cat 2-5 due to the fact that there is more pool time available for practice)

Cat 1: Mon thru Fri 4:00-4:45PM

Cat 2: Mon & Fri 4:00-5:30PM; Tues & Thurs 4:45-6:15PM; Wed 4:45-6:00PM

Cat 3: Mon & Fri 4:00-5:30PM; Tues & Thurs 4:45-6:30PM; Wed 4:45-6:15PM; Sat (by invitation only) 6:20-8:30AM

Cat 4: Mon & Fri 5:30-7:30PM; Tues & Thurs 6:15-8:15PM; Wed 5:45-7:30PM; Sat 6:20-8:30AM

Cat 5: Mon & Fri 5:30-7:30PM; Tuesday 5:30-7:00AM and 6:15-8:15PM; Wednesday 5:45-7:30PM; Thursday 5:50-7:00AM and 6:15-8:15PM; Sat 6:20-8:30AM

DRYLAND: Cat 3 TBA;   Cat 4 & 5 Mon 4:35-5:20PM; Wed & Thurs 4:45-5:30PM

Please note: The fee each swimmer pays per away meet has been raised from $3 to $5 per meet.  This is the only increase in fees this year.  Do not confuse this with entrie fees paid to the other teams.  It is one $5 charge per away meet per kid.