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We send out two types of communication to the team via email.  The monthly newsletter, HURRICANE ALERT, contains information about team events, meet results, and articles about swimming.  The TEAM UPDATES are sent out on an as-needed basis, to remind families about meet entry deadlines and share information about meets and other team events.  Make sure that we have your correct email address so that you will receive these important team communications.

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Hydration Chart (USA Swimming Website)
What is Taper? (ASCA)
Success in Athletics (ASCA)
Benefits of Team Travel(ASCA)
Swim Camps (ASCA)
What to Eat (ASCA)
Swimming is an Investment (ASCA)
Practice is Too Hard (ASCA)
Watching your child at Swim Practice (ASCA)
How To Help Your Swim Club (ASCA)
Kids and Sport (ASCA)
Dedicated to their sport (Aimee Kimball)
Why Swimming is a year round Sport? (ASCA)
Swimming Highs and Lows (Damon Garrison)
10 Questions Parents Have (Swimming World Magazine)
The Coach Seems Harsh (ASCA)
Coach is Away at Nationals (ASCA)
The Ten Commandments for Parents of Athletic Children (ASCA)
Watching Your Swimmer at Practice (Mark Schubert, former USA Swimming Director)
Practice and Competition for 12-Unders (Ira Klein)
Ageing Up (ASCA)
Swimming Tired (ASCA)
Summer's End Break (ASCA)
Moving from Summer League to Year Round Swimming (ASCA)
Lifetime Fitness (ASCA)
A New Generation of Second Best Swimmers? (ASCA)
On Ageing Up and Expectations (ASCA)
Thoughts on Age Group Development (ASCA)
What's Going On In Practice (ASCA)
Why Do Coaches Base workouts off the Best Swimmers (ASCA)
Who Should the Head Coach Work With (ASCA)
Adjusting to Different Stroke Techniques (ASCA)
When Your Child Is Disqualified (ASCA)
Officials and Their Duties (ASCA)
ChangingTechniques (Mitch Ivy)
The Coach Parent Relationship (Terry Laughlin)
What is Fun for Swimmers (USA Swimming Website)
How Achievement Motivation and Fear of Failure Develop (USA Swimming Website)
Goals and Values (ASCA)
9 Goals for the School Year (USA Swimming Website)
Fear of Failure (USA Swimming Website)
When a Child Starts on Swim Team as a Teenager (ASCA)
Two a Day Swim Practices (ASCA)
The Fallacy of Age Group Rankings (ASCA)
Moving Up to a New Workout Group (ASCA)
Where Should Fast Age Group Swimmers Train? (ASCA)
On Moving up to a New Coach (ASCA)
All-Weekend Swim Meets (ASCA)
Support Team Travel (ASCA)
Which Events Should Your Child Swim (ASCA)
Top 30 Foods for Swimmers (USA Swimming website)
Meals On The Go (ASCA)
The Art of Recovery (USA Swimming Website)
The New Food Pyramid (USDA)
College Swimming 101 (O'Shea, Conger, Peel)
What is Long Course, What is Short Course (ASCA)
The Purpose for Travel Meets for Swim Teams (ASCA)
Tips to Surviving Hard Trainning Weeks (Chloe Sutton)
Setting Goals: The Parent, Coach, and Athlete Relationship (ASCA)
Be Recruited
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