Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Below are the general descriptions of the positions needed to run our home swim meets. The will give you an idea of what is involved.  The actual responsibilities may vary slightly from meet to meet based on the needs of the team and the amount of volunteers available.

Meet Director
4 hrs admin work before meet
2 hrs set up night before meet
5 hrs during meet
3 hrs after meet
14 total volunteer hours/meet
This position is required by USA Swimming for every meet held.  The main responsibilities include, but are not limited to: preparing and distributing meet invitations, accepting meet entries, preparing the meet program and giving it to the Meet Program volunteer for copying and distribution, coordinating with  the Set Up Director of each meet to ensure all equipment is transported over from the storage unit to the pool, overseeing the CO Timing System set-up the night before the meet, testing and trouble-shooting the Timing System during the meet, checking the computer file after the meet for errors, and distributing the download of final results to coaches, head official, and to CSI. This person also prepares all the final meet paperwork and submits it to CSI.

Timing System Operators
2 hrs set up night before meet
3 hrs during meet
5 volunteer hours/meet
These people are trained to run the Colorado Timing System. Training is available each year in the fall through CSI (check with Meet Director for timing). These volunteers assist the Meet Director in setting up and testing the system the night before the meet. They report to the Meet Director at the start of the second warm up session. They also assist with tear down of the Timing System components at the conclusion of the meet.

Meet Results Computer
4 volunteer hours
These people perform Clerk of the Course responsibilities, including but not limited to: receives, cuts and organizes lane timer sheets, processes deck entries for swimmers, and accepts money owed for meet entry fees from coaches.  They also get results from the CO Timing System volunteers. They record the results of each heat of each event during the meet. They prepare results lists for the swimmers, coaches, and officials.  They also hand the printed results to the Runner volunteer for posting on the wall for everyone to see. They also prepare the labels for the Ribbons volunteer to use during the meet. They report to the Meet Director at the start of the first warm-up session. They also assist with Tear Down of their computers following the meet.

3 volunteer hours
This person reports to the Meet Results Computer volunteers.  She or he collects and returns all timer/lane sheets to these people.  She or he also posts results lists from each event and each heat on the wall outside the pool area. If time permits, she or he also assists the Ribbons Applicator with putting labels on the swimmer’s ribbons.  She reports for work at the start of the meet and stays to help with tear down afterwards.

Meet Programs
2 hours copying
1 hour selling
3 total volunteer hours
This person reports to the First Call/Last Call volunteer.  He or she receives the final meet program from the Meet Director. Prior to that, he or she also designs each program cover and ensures all additional information is recorded in the program (e.g., thank you to local sponsors, etc.). A template from previous year’s programs is available to use as a guide.  He or she then makes copies of the meet program as directed by the Meet Director.    This person, or a second volunteer, sells programs during the warm up sessions of each meet, so they must show up for work the day of the meet.  When the meet starts, he or she delivers any unsold programs to the Concessions Manager to be sold by Concessions volunteers.  This obligation CAN be done OUTSIDE of the actual meet, so it’s a great position for families who want to be with their young swimmers during the meet and/or first-time Hurricanes families who aren’t familiar with the workings of a home swim meet.
Safety Director  4 hours
This position is required by Colorado Swimming  He is a liaison with the Rec Center regarding any known safety issues, and is responsible for all aspects of safety during the meet. He has the final say on any misconduct issues as well. This person also ensures all of the required CSI safety documentation (see attached) is current and posted at each meet. This person must be attendance for the entire time of the meet. This person also books the required number of rooms for each meet with the Rec Center.
Safety Marshals (1 male and 1 female)
3 hours
These people report to the Volunteer Coordinator to pick up their ‘orange safety vests’ at the start of the warm up sessions.   They help control traffic flow in and around the pool deck to prevent injury or interference with meet operations.  They also are responsible for monitoring access to pool deck to ensure that no unauthorized person(s) gain access, checking the locker rooms, and making sure swimmers are demonstrating safe behavior (no running, no playing in locker rooms or in doorways, etc.). Marshals also look out for unsafe conditions, such as water on floors in hallways and people standing in front of doorways.  They also fill out accident reports and give them to the Safety Director.  All marshalls rotate throughout the building on a regular basis.

Remote Room Ready Guides
3 hours
These people report to the First Call/Last Call announcer to pick up their headsets and walkie/talkies.  They ensure that swimmers and parents who are seated in the Conference Room, Kitchen, and/or Karate Room know what events are getting ready to be swum, what events are in the water, and what event just finished.  They help to keep the meet running smoothly and on time by ensuring the swimmers in these remote locations show up on time for their races.  (not required for Nov. 15 meet due to its small size).

Awards Coordinator
3.5 hours
This person works with the coach to order ribbons, medals, and/or trophies for each home meet.  She also keeps an inventory of in-stock ribbons. She works with the vendor to place the order and ensure it arrives in time for each home meet. She also works with local area businesses (Wendy’s) to secure prizes for each heat winner. She ensures there are enough prizes for each heat winner of each meet and that copies of the prizes are available for distribution.

Ribbons/Trophies Team Supplier:
Hasty Awards
2125 Jackson Rd. Ottawa, Kansas 66067

Ribbons: check the meet info on our team website. It is usually posted 2-4 weeks prior to the actual meet.  We provide ribbons for 1st thru 12th place. Ribbons are the same design for every single meet. To calculate how many ribbons we need: take the number of events in each meet and times it by the place (e.g., for the Sept.27th meet, there are 16 events, so we need 16 first place, 16 second place, etc.). To calculate how many to order, you subtract the number of ribbons we have on hand in our inventory from the number of ribbons you need for each event.  Call in your order to Hasty; they have all of our artwork so there is not a set up fee. Charge the ribbons to your credit card and then fill out a reimbursement form (attached). Have the ribbons delivered to your house.  They should be on hand at least 3 days prior to the meet, so do the ordering as soon as you can.

For trophies, or if a meet has relays, talk with Jeff.

Heat Winners:  receive a voucher for a free frosty from Wendy’s over off of Louis Ridge Road
Our contact is Clay at 303-679-0637. We generally call him in September after Jeff sets our home meet schedule for the year. We give him the dates and ask if we can offer free frostys. Once we get his approval, we print out the vouchers for use at the meet.

Ribbons Applicator

2 hours
This person attaches preprinted labels to ribbons and/or medals during the meet so the awards are ready for distribution to coaches by the end of the meet. He or she reports to the Awards Coordinator 1 hour after the start of the meet. This person is assisted by the Runner from the computer area, as time allows.  If ribbons are not ready by the end of the meet for distribution, this person takes them home to finish application of the labels and then mails them to each coach/team rep. Contact information is available from Coach Jeff for each team. Mailing costs are expensed back to the team via an expense report.

Concessions Coordinator
12  hours
This person decides what foods (and quantities) need to be purchased and sold in Concessions during each home meet. She also inventories supplies on hand and organizes them.  She develops lists for shoppers to purchase and then has them drop the items off at the pool prior to the start of the meet.  She works with the workers to set up the Concessions stand the night before each meet, or the morning of each meet, ensuring everything is ready to go by the start of the meet. This person also works with the treasurer to obtain a float for sales of both concessions items and meet programs, and ensures her shoppers are reimbursed for their purchases.  She tracks and completes the flow of money for each meet, broken down by concessions items and programs and gives this information to the Meet Director at the conclusion of the meet.  Also, concessions coordinator contacts people to make burritos and deliver them to the pool on the morning of the meet.

Wendy's Contact is Clay 303-679-0637 (Awards Coordinator takes care of heat winner coupons from Wendy's)
Jamba Juice Contact (Concessions Coordinator takes care of this)

Head Timer  
3.5 hours
This person supervises the timers. He is responsible for organizing timers’ materials, keeping the timer positions filled and providing a backup watch for each race.  Before the meet starts, he prepares the clipboards, watches, pencils, and timer sheets.  He gathers all timers together for the timer meeting 15 minutes before the start of the meet (the timer meeting is done by the head official of the meet so that each timer knows what is expected and makes sure timers are in every lane so the meet can start on time).  During the meet, he starts two watches for each race and is ready to hand off a watch to a timer that did not get a good start.  He also hands out the Wendy’s frosty awards to a timer in each lane to give to their swimmer if she/he wins their heat. He also organizes subs for each lane, as required. A list of extra helpers is available from the Volunteer Coordinator at the start of the meet.

Lane Timers
3 hours
These people time and record the results of each race during the meet. One person is generally the results recorder, and the other operates the timing pickle/button. All timers report to the Head Timer for a mandatory meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet. Timers ensure the swimmers compete in the correct event, heat, and lane. They also hand out awards to the heat winner.  Lane timers work for the entire meet, unless otherwise notified. Relief timers will be availble so timers can take short breaks as needed.

Place Pickers
3 hours
These people record the placement of each swimmer in each lane of each heat of the meet. They report to the Head Timer at the start of the meet prior to the first race to pick up their paperwork.

Concessions Workers
3 hours
These workers sell food and drinks and programs in the concessions area. They help with set up and tear down, as needed and directed by the Concessions Coordinator. They typically need to be at the pool either the night before to set up or as soon as the pool opens in the morning to ensure everything is ready to go (confirm with the Concessions Coordinator).

Concessions Shopper
3 hours
This person obtains the shopping list from the concessions coordinator and buys all the necessary supplies for each meet from local area grocers and/or Costco or Sam’s Club. They also pick up any donated items from local area businesses, (e.g., the Bagelry) the day before the meet. They complete an expense report and submit it to the concessions coordinator for reimbursement, or obtain the money before-hand from the treasurer. They deliver all items to the storage unit and/or the pool as directed by the Concessions Coordinator so that it is ready for pick up by the Set Up Workers the night before the meet.

Hospitality Coordinator
3 hours
This person works with the Concessions Coordinator and plans, prepares, and coordinates shopping, at the team’s expense, for the snacks provided to coaches, officials, and for sale at each meet.  She may also work as a runner during the meet to assist with the delivering of food and drinks to coaches and volunteers, as required. He or she is responsible for overseeing hospitality workers and coordinating ‘breaks’ so that volunteers are able to watch their children swim their events.

Hospitality Worker
3 hours
This person works in the hospitality area during the meet preparing and delivering food and drinks to coaches, officials, and timers.  They report to the Hospitality Coordinator at the start of the meet. They also warm up the burritos for coaches and officials in the oven or microwave  in the morning.

Burrito Makers
3 hours
These people generally do not have kids that are swimming at the meet, but still wish to fulfill their volunteer obligation.  They obtain the burrito recipe from the  website and then buy the necessary supplies to prepare 1-2 dozen burritos each, as deemed necessary by the concessions coordinator.  The type of burritos they make is assigned by the Concessions Coordinator.  They also make arrangements to deliver the burritos to a designated area or person prior to the meet.  Burritos should be labeled with their name and with the type of burrito made.  Each burrito should be individually wrapped so it can be heated in the oven prior to sale.  If they are delivering the burritos to the pool on the morning of the meet, the burritos should be hot.  We will have electric ovens in the concessions room to keep them hot.
Volunteer Coordinator -  Kathy Hellard
She works closely with the Coach and the heads of her committees.  She determines which volunteer positions exist for each home meet, she assigns people to each position for each meet and maintains the list for check-in, prepares written descriptions of each position, provides the volunteer assignments to the Website contact for posting, and sends out email reminders to each family outlining their commitments for each meet. She also tracks assignments throughout the season to ensure work is being spread around as equally as possible and that all families are fulfilling their meet volunteer responsibilities.  The Coordinator is on hand at each meet to check in volunteers, provide nametags, and answers any questions people may have about their assignments. She floats the various job sites checking in with new volunteers, particularly those who do not have a coordinator or experienced person helping them. She also recruits ‘fillers’ as necessary if vacancies exist, and helps out where needed temporarily.