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T-shirts for the Macs Meet are the following;
Friday - Black
Saturday - Silver
Sunday - White

Here are the Updated Pineapple Meet entries for Nov 3-5.

Here is the Buddy List for the Macs Meet;
Zander with JD
Maya H. with Inge S.
Tallaby with Ulla

No Practice
for Category 4 & 5 on Friday Oct 20th.

Here are the warm up times for the Macs Meet this weekend;
Friday for 1650 Free be there at 4:00pm
10-Under Sat and Sun be there 6:45am (done by 9:30am)
11-12 Sat and Sun be there 8:55am (done by 12:40pm)
13-Overs Sat be there 12:45pm and Sun 1:15pm

The Jeffco Pineapple Meet has been moved to November 3-5, 2017 (No longer November 10-12)Please email by Tuesday Oct 17th to pull you out of the meet or if you now can go email me to put you in the meet.

Here are the Jeffco 10-Under Grand Prix #1 Meet Oct 28th entries.

to Jaiden Graham and Duncan Salmen for being "Swimmers of the Month" for September.

Here are the Macs Oct Meet entries for Oct 20-22.  If your 10-Under is not entered they will be going to the 10-Under Meet Oct 28.  Questions talk with a coach.


Team Picture will be Monday November 13th at the pool at 4:00pm, more info to come.

There will be some ALL TEAM'S Practices at Meyers Pool (Evergreen & NJ site) on the following days.  We would love to see everyone come to.
Oct. 14th, Dec TBA,   Jan. TBA,   Feb. TBA.
Times are the following;
Cat 1              8:00-9:00am
Cat 2              8:00-9:30am
Cat 3, 4, & 5   8:00-10:00am  

Here is a PDF to print for the 2017-18 Meet Schedule (revised 8/28/17).

The Practice Animal Award The next starts September 25th to November 30th, swimmers in Category 1 who have 60% or higher and Category 2 is 75% or higher and Category's 3 is 78%, Category 4 is 80% attendance or higher and Category 5 with 86% or higher will be treated to a movie in December.  The team will pay for those above.  All swimmers will be invited to movie though.


Parents there lots of articles available on the Newsletters and Articles tab that can answer many questions you might have.

Please understand if the time ends with .12 it is a made up time from the coaches.  Most meets don't allow NT (No times).

New and old families we will be using a service called "" to communicate with team members in case of last minute changes or cancellations.  If the rec center closes because of inclement weather, or the pool is closed because the heater isn't working, I will be able to send a text message to your cell phone. You need to go online to register for the service; it takes about two minutes to complete the process. Click here for directions on how to sign up.