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Here are the Evergreen May 6th Meet entries.

Here are the entries for the Jeffco LC May 18-20 Meet.


No Practice for Category 4 & 5
on Friday April 20 and Saturday AM April 21Yes Practice for Cats 4 & 5 Saturday PM April 21 from 4:00-6:00pm at Wulf and Sunday April 22 from 5:30-7:30pm at Meyers Pool


No Practice for category's 1, 2, & 3 on Monday April 30th, Rock Star Party at Beau Jo's from 5:00-6:0pm (Invited Only please).

Rock Star Party
for the swimmers who have achieved a minimum of 21 stars (emailed out and posted on the facebook page).  Party is Monday April 30th at Beau Jo's from 5:00-6:00pmFREE PIZZA.  All swimmers who are invited should dress like a rock star. 


Practice Animal Award Winners (Jan 1 - Mar 23);  Movie info to come soon
Category 1  60% or above
Finn  A.     64%          Jaydon S.     60%          Greyson U.     60%          Zander D.     68%          Ian Gie.     61%          Sophia S.     74%                       Quinn V.     92%          Sophie W.     62%         John Z.     66%
Category 2   75% or above
Category 3  78% or above
Kileigh A.     91%          Lisaca D.     82%         Jaiden G.     88%          Maya P.     89%          Bell S.     84%          Ryan S.     83%     Nikolai S.     88%          Ivory Y.     90%
Category 4  80% or above
Taylor J.     91%          Erin S.     89%          Kayleigh E.     93%          Emma M.     89%          Via Z.     84%
Category 5     85% or above
JC A.     97%          Hope A.     92%         CC     97%          Robbie D.     91%           Sophia G.     89%          Maggie M.     99%          Matilda S.     85%          Lauren V.     92%          Bhodi Y.     89%

Congrats to Lauren Vilims
and Nick Delany for being "Swimmers of the Month" for March.

Today Tuesday April 3 is deadline for 2 meets;  10-Under Grand Prix #4 Meet on April 14 and the Jeffco LC Meet May 18-20. Please email me if your NOT going.  Reminder if your going back to summer league at Mount Vernon you have to stop swimming on May 15th.


Here are Tops LC Meet (April 27-29) entries.

Today is the deadline for the Tops LC Meet (April 27-29).  Boys High Schoolers will NOT be entered Friday due to their High School Meet.


Here is a 2018 Spring/Summer Meet Schedule (Revised 3/3/18) thru August.

We have a Twitter account Jeffco Hurricanes@jarm003
We have Instagram account  jeffco_hurricanes_evergreen
Please look us up and follow us and pass it on to your friends to help promote the team and maybe help get a new pool built over at Buchanan Rec Center.


Here is a PDF to print for the 2018-19 Meet Schedule.

The Practice Animal Award The next starts April 2nd to June 22nd, swimmers in Category 1 who have 60% or higher and Category 2 is 75% or higher and Category's 3 is 78%, Category 4 is 80% attendance or higher and Category 5 with 86% or higher will be treated to a movie in December.  The team will pay for those above.  All swimmers will be invited to movie though.


Parents there lots of articles available on the Newsletters and Articles tab that can answer many questions you might have.

Please understand if the time ends with .12 it is a made up time from the coaches.  Most meets don't allow NT (No times).

New and old families we will be using a service called "" to communicate with team members in case of last minute changes or cancellations.  If the rec center closes because of inclement weather, or the pool is closed because the heater isn't working, I will be able to send a text message to your cell phone. You need to go online to register for the service; it takes about two minutes to complete the process. Click here for directions on how to sign up.