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The minutes of the Board meetings will be posted to the website once they have been approved by the Board.

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Older minutes can be found at the bottem of the newsletters page.

Board of Directors

The Evergreen Hurricanes Swim Team Board of Directors consists of seven voting members -- six parent volunteers and the head coach. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month, usually from 5:30-6:30pm in the conference room at Wulf Rec Center. (Check the team calendar to be sure of the time!). All interested team members are welcome to attend.

The mission of the Board of Directors is to provide a financially sound organization with a strong volunteer base and qualified coaching staff for our team members and parents.

The Evergreen Swim Team strives to develop the maximum potential of our athletes with a program that emphasizes discipline, personal growth, and excellence in technique.  Our coaching staff encourages our swimmers to achieve their best performance through personal dedication, hard work, and commitment to their teammates.   Through their experience with the Evergreen Swim Team, we envision that swimmers will become strong athletes while developing valuable life skills such as integrity, mental toughness, time management, a strong work ethic, and self confidence.  

The Team Bylaws were updated and approved by the Board in July 2013.   Click here for the bylaws.

The Board updated the Parent Code of Conduct in March 2010.  Should you have any questions regarding the management of the team, please do not  hesitate to contact any one of the Board members at the email addresses given below.

The 2016-17 Board of Directors are:

Dave McNeely,  President
Dave joined the board in September 2015.  His daughter swims in Category 3

Janet Anderson, Vice President
Janet joined the board in September 2016.  She has two sons in Category 3.

Cristin Jacobson, Treasurer
Cristin joined the Board in September 2013.  Her daughter swims in Category 4

Michelle Yohn, Secretary   
Michelle joined the board September 2016.  Her daughter swims in Category 3 and her son in Category 5. 

Trudee Coughlin, Member at Large
Trudeei joined the board in September 2015.  Her duaghter is in Category 5.

Marci Sontag, Member at Large 
Marci joined the board in September 2016. Her son swims in Category 3. 

Jeff Armstrong, Head Coach
Jeff joined the team, and the Board, in August, 2007. We are delighted to have him in Evergreen and excited about the positive changes he has brought to the Hurricanes.

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