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EST Financial Assistance

All financial aid applications from returning swimmers for 2018-19 are due to the committee by September 13, 2018, with complete paperwork. This includes two years of tax returns or a copy of the family budget in a sealed envelope addressed to the EST Accountant.  For those new to the team, requests for financial assistance are due on the Monday following your first week with the team. 

The Evergreen Swim Team is pleased to be in the position to offer financial assistance to qualified members of the team who wish to apply for assistance with annual fees and dues.  The Program is administered by a Committee consisting of two parent volunteers, and the head coach.  The financial data of applicants will be reviewed only by a member of the team's accounting firm.

The seed money for the financial assistance program was rolled over from the team's previous scholarship program. In the future, it will be funded by Corporate and individual sponsors. The amount of money distributed each year will be determined by the Board, who will take into account the recommendations of the Financial Aid committee regarding the number of applicants, their level of need, and the amount of additional monies collected during the year to keep the fund afloat. Aid is granted by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Assistance will be determined by:

The swimmer's parent or guardian must submit the required documentation to the Committee in order for an athlete to be considered for assistance. The Committee will pass the financial informtion to the accounting firm for review, and then make a recommendation to the Board of Directors once they receive feedback from the firm. Decisions about the specifics of each award (i.e., who will receive aid and the amount of each award) will be determined by the Board. All information is kept strictly confidential. Financial aid is available for year-round swimmers only; because the rates in summer are significantly reduced, financial aid will not be granted to summer-only swimmers.

If you have questions, please talk to Coach Jeff.

If you have questions about online registration or billing, email Kathy Hellard at