Financial Aid

EST Financial Aid Program

All financial aid applications from returning swimmers are due to the committee by Thursday of the first week, with complete paperwork. This includes two years of tax returns or a copy of the family budget in a sealed envelope addressed to the EST Accountant (see below).  Swimmers new to the team should apply for financial aid by the Monday following their first week with the team. 

The Evergreen Swim Team’s Financial Aid Program is for qualified members of the team who need assistance with annual fees and dues. 

Aid will be available to any member in good standing with the Evergreen Swim Team (EST). This is defined as payment in full of the family registration fees ($335) and receipt of a signed volunteer commitment letter for the current swim season.  The swimmer’s parent or guardian will submit to the Committee the following documentation in order for a swimmer to be considered for financial aid: 

  • Financial Aid Application
  • Financial Aid Family Agreement, which includes a Volunteer commitment and Intention to swim only for EST for the remainder of the season (High school students may swim for their high school team in addition to the Hurricanes, but must commit to returning to the team once high school season is over.)
  • Tax Returns/Family Budget: Please submit a copy of your previous 2 years tax returns OR a copy of your family budget, detailing monthly income and expenses, in a sealed envelope to the attention of “EST accountant”.  This information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be viewed by our team accountant. It is used as input into the formula by which the financial aid committee determines the amount of financial assistance that will be awarded to each applicant. 
  • Letter explaining the reason for financial aid request.
  • Most recent report card of the swimmer (include an explanation of any special circumstances).

Extraordinary personal circumstances will be considered as well as the total availability of funds available for distribution. All information will be kept strictly confidential. The financial aid committee will keep all documentation submitted; so do not send original documents, please send copies.  You will be notified when the Board of Directors has made a decision based on the information provided. Please note that the grant will generally be issued either as a credit applied directly against a swimmer’s monthly dues and meet fees.  

If you have questions, please contact the Hurricane Hotline #303-635-6989

Click here for the Financial Aid Application and the Financial Aid Family Agreement form.

Please send the Financial Aid Application and related requested information to Coach Jeff, or mail to:

Evergreen Swim Team
Attn: Financial Aid Committee
P.O. Box 62
Evergreen, CO 80437