Fee Structure

The Evergreen Hurricanes Swim Team is a year-round swim team with a professional coaching staff. In order to cover team expenses, we ask members to pay certain fees at registration, as well as monthly dues which are based on the practice group your swimmer participates in. Coaching salaries, pool time, and insurance are year-round expenses (September through August), and need to be covered by the cost of our annual fees and monthly dues.

Again, we will be using an online registration and payment system.  Families may elect to make their payments via credit card, debit card, or bank draft.  We still offer two payment plans: payment in full, or monthly.  Meet entry fees will be billed on a monthly basis.  There is an adjusted fee schedule (Jan – July) for swimmers joining between January and July. 

The two payment options for are:

  • LUMP SUM PAYMENT: You may elect to pay your annual fees and short course dues (Sept – May) in a lump sum payment at the time of registration.  You will still be billed monthly for meet entry fees.
  • MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN: If you select the monthly payment plan, your family will pay all annual fees at the time of registration, plus September dues, and be billed each month for dues October thru May.  Meet entry fees will be billed every month September thru July.

SWIMMERS JOINING BETWEEN JANUARY AND JULY:  For those swimmers joining the team between January and May, there is adjusted fee schedule (Jan – July). The annual fees and pool fees are reduced from the year-round amount, while the fixed fees (USA Swimming and monthy dues) remain the same.

Questions? Contact kathyhellard.evergreenswimteam@gmail.com

The annual fees for each family must be paid in full at registration for both the lump sum and monthly options.  The Family Fees include the following expenses:

  • FAMILY REGISTRATION FEE: ($160 per year per family) This fee helps pay the cost of the administrative expenses of running the swim team.
  • FUNDRAISING DONATION: ($175 per year per family) The swim team assesses this one-time fee, rather than ask families to participate in monthly fundraisers.  Depending on the number of swimmers who join the team (and thus offset our overall costs) the Board may elect to hold additional fundraisers during the course of the year, in which you may elect to participate. This donation to the team supports our general fund, and helps us cover the cost of running the swim team.  Evergreen Swim Team is a 501c corporation and all donations are tax deductible.

ANNUAL POOL FEES PER SWIMMER: These fees must be paid in full at time of registration, regardless of the payment plan you choose.
POOL FEES: The pool fees cover part of the cost the team pays to Evergreen Parks and Recreation for the use of the pool for all of our practice time. This fee is charged in a graduated manner to correspond with the amount of pool time offered to each practice group. Pool fees must be paid in a lump sum at registration.

CATEGORY 1: $175 per swimmer per year
CATEGORY 2: $200 per swimmer per year
CATEGORY 3: $200 per swimmer per year
CATEGORY 4: $225 per swimmer per year
CATEGORY 5: $250 per swimmer per year

USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION FEE:  $78 per year per swimmer must be paid in full at time of registration

This covers required membership in USA Swimming.  This membership allows our swimmers to compete in meets, and also provides liability insurance for each swimmer.  With a USA Swimming membership, your child will receive a membership card and an annual subscription to Splash, a bi-monthly publication which provides information of interest to swimmers.

MONTHLY DUES: (Sept – May)

In addition to the annual fees outlined above, there are monthly dues September thru May each swimmer pays, based upon which practice group he/she participates in. These dues help to offset the coaching salaries and insurance. The team is structured with five practice groups and the dues for each level are: 

CATEGORY 1: $115 per swimmer per month
CATEGORY 2: $170 per swimmer per month
CATEGORY 3: $195 per swimmer per month
CATEGORY 4: $220 per swimmer per month
CATEGORY 5: $235 per swimmer per month

In addition to the above, swimmers will be charged entry fees for the meets they elect to compete in. Also, a swimmer may need to purchase some equipment, caps, and a team suit.

IF YOU HAVE A SIBLING OF A CURRENT MEMBER WHO WISHES TO JOIN THE TEAM:  You have already paid the family registration fees, so for this swimmer you need to pay the USA Swimming fee, pool fees, and monthly dues.