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For August 3 thru August 22 the schedule is the following (Wednesday Cats 1,2,3 are in PM and Cats 4 & 5 are in AM)
Category 1     Mon – Thu         7:15pm – 7:55pm;      Sat 8:50 – 9:30am
Category 2 & 3   Mon – Thu    7:30pm – 8:45pm;      Sat 8:00 – 9:15am
Category 4 & 5  Mon – Fri      7:00am – 8:20am  (swimmers be there at 6:50am)

Swimmer Do’s
1.  Wear face mask to practice and keep on until coaches tell them to take it off
2.  Bring 1 towel
3.  Swim Cap
4.  Goggles
5.  Clothes their wearing with bathing suit under
6.  Put clothes over wet suit and put on face mask and leave when told by coach at end of practice
7.  Water bottle kept by your clothes during swimming (will get break for a drink)
8.  Maintain proper social distancing from other swimmers and coaches

Swimmer Don’ts
1.  No swim bags
2.  No equipment
3.  No equipment bags
4.  No showers allowed in locker room
5.  No changing in locker room
6.  No use of Hiwan chairs, tables, or lawn chairs

Covid-19 swimmer waiver.  Must be brought to first practice.  Please read the email that was sent out before coming to practice.

Here is a PDF for the 2020-21 Meet Schedule to print out.

Here is a 6 minute long video – My First USA Swim Meet.  Parents this will help you understand if you are new to the team what goes on at a meet.

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Parents there are lots of swim articles available on the Articles tab that can answer many questions you might have.

Please understand if the time ends with .12 it is a made up time from the coaches.  Most meets don’t allow NT (No times).