Evergreen Hurricanes Newsletter                                                           November 6, 2007

Coach Jeff and our swimmers in action at the MACs meet


50 SWIMMERS AND COUNTING...The strength of the Hurricanes continues to grow, with another 3 swimmers joining our team since October.  We want to extend a warm Evergreen welcome to Steele Dalton, and Ben and Kamryn Holland. Weíre glad youíre here!

TEAM UNIFORMS: Our new team suits are now available for ordering through the Team Store on our website. Make sure you turn in your tshirt order forms by Thursday, 11/8.  We hope to have everything in by the end of December. Not only are we super fast in the water, but we look good too! Thanks to Shannon Delaney (foggycafe@yahoo.com) for coordinating this huge undertaking.

TEAM SOCIAL: Our first team social is scheduled to take place on Friday, November 30th from 6-8:30pm at CAMPgrounds Restaurant in Bergen Park. Weíll be eating yummy desserts and enjoying a good old fashioned belly laugh during our movie. Contact Suzanne Olivieri mitharwil@msn.com for more information or to RSVP. Friends and siblings are welcome.

WEBSITE: Our website continues to take on new and exciting components. Be sure to check Coach Jeffís blog regularly for team updates. As well, important team information is posted on our website, including team records, board meeting minutes, and volunteer assignments for our home meets. Coming soon: Photo Gallery!

HELP WANTED: Is there someone out there who has a connection with a printing business that would be willing to print our meet programs (or give us a discount on the printing)? We would be happy to recognize their contribution by giving them ad space in the program.  If you can help, contact Diane Belz (volunteers@evergreenswimteam.org)


How will this meet be different from the MACS meet?

  • We are hosting this event, which means we all will play a part in ensuring its success. Letís be good ambassadors for Evergreen.
  • It will be much smaller, and yet, perhaps seem more crowded, due to the on-going construction and limited deck space.
  • Evergreen parents will be working more, and spectating less. This does not mean you wonít be able to watch your child swim, but it does mean you will likely have a specific responsibility to fulfill that day. Please see our website for more information or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Diane Belz (volunteers@evergreenswimteam.org), with your questions.

What specifically should I do?

  • Arrive early. We are expecting 100 athletes at this meet, so be here early to get settled in and ready to get to work! Suggested time is between 7:00 and 7:15am.
  • Bring chairs and blankets and warm clothing. Evergreen swimmers will be seated in the gymnastics area adjacent to the pool. It is colder in there than the pool area, so be prepared!
  • Bring water and snacks for your swimmers. And coffee for yourselves! There will not be a concessions area at this meet.
  • Bring $1 for the meet program. It will give you an approximate timeline of when your child will swim, so you donít miss the race.
  • Bring a sharpie and a highlighter. The sharpie is to write your childís events on their arms; the highlighter is to make the program with their events. Do this early, before the warm-up starts. You wonít have time to do it afterwards; youíll be working.
  • Check in with Diane Belz upon arrival to get instructions on what to do and when to start working.

What should my swimmers do while Iím working?

  • Stay in the gymnasium in the team area. There will be volunteers assigned to our kids to make sure they eat, drink, and get to their events on time.
  • Swim fast and have fun!
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                                     MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!