Evergreen Hurricanes Newsletter September 10, 2009

The 2009-2010 Hurricanes season begins on Monday, September 14.  Find your swim bag, suit, and cap and get back in the pool!! Remember that all returning swimmers need to fill out a new Emergency Medical Treatment form and bring it to Coach Jeff during the first week of practice. 

REMINDER - Registration invoices are due this Friday, Sept 11!

DRYLAND times are included below, but please note that dryland training will not start until sometime in October. Check Coach Jeff's blog for updates.

Practice times are: 

CATEGORY 1: Monday-Friday, 4:00-4:45pm

CATEGORY 2: Mon: 4-5:30pm; Tu/W/TH: 4:45-6:00pm; Fri: 4-5:15pm. Dryland - Mon:5:40-6:00pm; Tu/Th: 4:15-4:40pm

CATEGORY 3: Mon: 5:30-7:30pm; Tu/Th: 6:00-8:00pm; Wed: 5:45-7:30pm; Fri:5:15-7:15pm; Sat:6:20-8:30am. Dryland: Mon: 4:50-5:20pm; Th/Th: 5:25-5:50pm.

CATEGORY 4: Mon: 5:30-7:30pm; Tu:5:00-7:00am and 6:00-8:00pm; Wed: 5:45-7:30pm;Th: 6:00-8:00pm; Fri:5:15-7:15pm; Sat:6:20-8:30am. Dryland: Mon: 4:50-5:20pm; Th/Th: 5:25-5:50pm.

While it is a great convenience to just give the treasurer your card number and authorize payment each month, this choice comes at a significant cost to the team.  We pay an average of $120/month to process credit card payments. This includes 2.29% for a regular credit card and 4.49% for a "rewards" card, plus a fee of 25 - 39 cents per transaction.  On top of that, we are charged a monthly fee just to process credit cards. We will continue to allow you to charge your payments, but ask that, if possible,  you consider paying your fees the "good, old fashioned way" and writing a check to the team each month and help us lower our operating costs. 

The new board of directors was seated at the August board meeting. They are:
Kathy Lahr, President
Kurt Kenchel, Vice President
Lisa O'Hearn, Treasurer
Tobia Zehnder, Secretary
Jacqueline Holland, At-Large Member
Bill Coughlin, At-Large Member

NEXT BOARD MEETING: 9/14, 12 - 1:30pm 
The next board meeting will be on Monday, September 14th,  from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm (location to be determined).  If you have something you would like added to the agenda, or you are planning on attending, please let Kathy Lahr know as soon as possible (kjlahr@yahoo.com).

Those families who wish to apply for financial aid for 2009-10 should refer to the Financial Assistance section of the team website for details and application information.  The deadline for applications is next Friday, September 18th.

I would like to thank the swimmers and the parents who have been on the team the past 12 months.  It has been a wonderful time for me and the Hurricanes.  A special thank you to the outgoing board members who helped me to reach my goals and worked to strengthen the team’s infrastructure.  I would like to take this time to talk about my goals for the upcoming season.
1.  First and foremost that it is fun for all involved (kids, coaches, & parents).
2.  Team remains financially stable
3.  Swimmers take away life lessons to help them in their future.

I would also like to inform you that I have hired 2 new part time coaches, Nathan Guy and Paul Sheldon.  Please take time out to read their bios  on the team website.  Nathan will be working Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm.  Paul will be working Fridays from 4-6pm.  Both will be filling in other times as needed.  As for Coach Julia, when her rehab is done from her injury she will be the primary coach for Category 1.  She will be responsible for the meet entries for Cat 1 and any questions regarding the swimmers in this group should go to her first.  Please take note that until she is back on deck,  I will be in charge of all four Categories.  This might be anywhere between 3-6 months.

I look forward to the start of the new season on Monday, September 14.  Please feel free to call me or email with questions.  Please also get in the habit of checking my blog every day.

May the Force be with you,
Coach Jeff

If you haven't already done so, take the time now to order your swimmer's meet suit from The Lifeguard Store.  You can see the new suits (Speedo Endurance +, black with white Hurricanes logo) on the Team Store page of our website.  

Our first home meet will be here before you know it!  As soon as the roster is finalized after registration week, we will be putting together the volunteeer assignments for the meet and emailing them out to you.  Please remember to reserve that day on your calendar for this important team event.

We need to recruit parents to become officials for our team - two of our officials "retired" because their swimmers have headed to college, and we rely heavily on the generosity of Deb Gomez, who has not had a swimmer on the team in a few years but continues to support us as meet referee.  Please consider training to fill this important role for the team. Contact Kathy Lahr (kjlahr@yahoo.com or 303-570-8251) for details about what it takes to become an official.

We will be holding a parent meeting at Wulf Rec on Wednesday, Sept 23 at 4:30pm.  While this is open to all parents, new parents especially are urged to atttend.